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Holiday Home Sjönära Sollerön

10 persons. 4 bedrooms
880 - 1595 per week

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Holiday Home Sjönära Orsasjön

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
1065 - 1330 per week

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Holiday Home Fredriksberg Säfsen

14 persons. 3 bedrooms
605 - 1695 545 - 1695 per week

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Holiday Home Romme Logi

40 persons. 9 bedrooms
1330 per week

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Holiday Home Dalahus Venjan

5 persons. 2 bedrooms
530 - 800 per week

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Holiday Home Hemfjällstangen

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
650 - 1050 per week

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Hostel Hostel Sälen

25 persons. 8 bedrooms
325 per person / per week


Infos about the region Dalarna

Dalarna in central Sweden, located northwest of Stockholm, has a long border towards Norway. The name of the province (Eng: “the valleys”) originates in the province's natural character. Miles of forests, mountains, lakes and villages around Lake Siljan, with Leksand, Mora and Orsa as major cities. Siljan region's tourism center is located in Dalarna.
But it is not only the wonderful natural landscape that has made Dalarna well known. The picturesque villages with red houses, painted in "Falu Red Paint" and the province's rich folk culture have named Dalarna "The most Swedish province in Sweden." In the resort Nusnäs at Siljan lake the famous "Dala horses" are manufactured, which have become popular symbols in whole Sweden.
Historically seen, Dalarna had great significance. The population of Dalarna has always been self-minded and often revolted and rebelled against the various kings. King Gustav Vasa fled here from captivity in Denmark and managed to persuade a Dalarna rebellion against Denmark after having traveled from his pursuers on skis from Sälen to Mora. The Danes were defeated and Gustav Vasa became king of Sweden. Even today, a major ski competition takes place on this site called "Vasaloppet".
In addition, in the landscape around Lake Siljan Dalarna offers large areas with wilderness character. There are mountains, large forests, rivers and lakes and large marshes. Here you can find solitude, fishing, go hiking or try river rafting.

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