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Holiday Home Östra Längan

12 persons. 4 bedrooms
1545 - 2115 per week

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Holiday Home Skogsstuga Svenstorp

10 persons. 3 bedrooms
585 - 625 per week

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Holiday Home Rolfs Semesterparadis

8 persons. 4 bedrooms
985 - 1595 per week

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Flat Kvarnhuset Österlen

4 persons. 1 bedroom
665 - 880 per week

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Holiday Home Spa Villa Åhus

10 persons. 3 bedrooms
2660 - 4655 per week

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Holiday Home Semesterhus Revingeby

10 persons. 9 bedrooms
665 - 800 per week

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Holiday Home Fiskaregatan

4 persons. 1 bedroom
530 per week

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Holiday Home Rolfs semesterdröms villa

9 persons. 4 bedrooms
985 - 1810 per week

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Holiday Home Qvesarum

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
520 - 640 per week

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Holiday Home Finjasjön

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
460 - 465 per week


Infos about the region Skåne

Skåne, in English known as "Scania", is the southernmost historical province of Sweden and consists of 33 municipalities. The residence is in Malmö, the third largest city of the country.
Due to its mostly flat and slightly hilly topography and the nutrient-rich soils, Skåne is also known as the granary of Sweden. Here 30% of Swedish agricultural needs are covered. The north-east of the province is characterized by wooded hills, typical for Sweden out of gneiss and granite rocks. Skåne has though more to offer more than farmland and rocks: there is at the southern end of the peninsula 400 km of coastline with white sandy beaches, which in every season - but of course, especially in summer – are popular. The sprawling landscape is also a mecca for golfers and within an hour drive you can reach about 70 golf courses. Walkers will enjoy the many hiking trails and skiers will find a great place for their hobby in the area Hallandsåsen. In the snow-free season Hallandsåsen is a popular recreation area, with opportunities to indulge your hobbies.
The history of Scania is still clearly visible. Since it belonged to Denmark until 1658, the dialect spoken in Skåne has many features of the Danish. Likewise, there are still about 200 castles and manor houses in Skåne, many of which are also open to visitors, and the only purely Romanesque church building in Scandinavia, the Lund Cathedral, is located in Skåne.
Today, the province is well known due to the crime novels about Kurt Wallander of author Henning Mankell. They are mostly set in the vicinity of Ystad, a beautiful old town in the southeast with many half-timbered houses.
Welcome to Skåne: An exciting blend of old and new, of urbanity and nature, with short distance to many possibilities.

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