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Holiday Home Stenhuset Gotland

8 persons. 3 bedrooms
930 - 1115 per week

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Holiday Home Hejdeby

10 persons. 3 bedrooms
145 - 665 per person / per week

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Holiday Home Lillebo Lojsta

4 persons. 2 bedrooms
710 per week

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Flat Visby

5 persons. 1 bedroom
730 - 1195 per week

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Holiday Home Villa Nickarve

7 persons. 3 bedrooms
1515 - 1860 per week

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Holiday Home Nickarve 308D

4 persons. 1 bedroom
865 - 1065 per week

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Holiday Home Lillstuga Gotland

4 persons. 2 bedrooms
790 - 1065 per week

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Holiday Home Modern holiday home on Gotland

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
395 - 1105 per week

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Holiday Home Gangvidegård stuga1

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
530 - 770 per week


Infos about the region Gotland

Gotland is the second but biggest island in the Baltic Sea as well as a county with the capital called Visby. To Gotland also belong the islands of Fĺrö, Lilla and Stora Karlsö as well as Östergarnsholm. The island of Gotland has developed on a huge limestone plateau and is well known for its limestone cliff coasts as well as the rock formations which were built by erosion, here called “Raukar”. You will find scenic landscapes, especially sheep-grazing, as well as the Hanseatic city of Visby with its ring wall, which was declared a world heritage by the UNESCO in 1995.
Gotland has an interesting history. The first proven settlement of the island is dated back to 2000 B.C., but scientists assume that Gotland was already populated 2000 years before this. Many different countries and cultures left their traces on Gotland. In early medieval, the Vikings ruled Gotland and made it to a flourishing trade and fishing center in the Baltic Sea, yet before the Hanseatic city of Lübeck was founded. In 13943, the island was conquered by the Victual Brothers, a group of buccaneers, who raged rage on Gotland until they were driven away by the Teutonic Knights. Those Teutonic Knights rearranged peace on Gotland. In the late medieval, Gotland was characterized by the Heanseatic era. It was the great time of trade, also with other Hanseatic cities as well as Lübeck. Also, Gotland was a victim of the power struggles between Denmark and Sweden.
Gotlands dramatic and changeful history left a lot of treasures to posterity. You can find rune stones, Viking graveyards and wheel graves of the age around Nativity, but also a lot of beautiful churches, for example in Fardhem and Atlingbo. Don’t miss the world heritage Visby, because here are a lot of museum which show exhibits from the different eras. Or why not walking around the ring wall of Visby, go shopping or have a break in one of the many cozy coffee shops? Not only those interested in history will enjoy Gotland, also those who love nature will be enthused by the island’s rich flora and fauna, with wild growing orchids and bird preserves.
Welcome to Gotland, your holiday destination in the traces of the Vikings, the Hanseatic era and Pippi Longstocking! (Villa Villekulla is located in Kneippbyn near Visby).

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