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Holiday Home Östra Ormsjö

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
640 - 800 per week

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Holiday Home Carlsson

7 persons. 3 bedrooms
785 per week

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Flat Apartment 5

5 persons. 3 bedrooms
720 per week

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Flat Lägenhet Hissjö

4 persons. 2 bedrooms
760 per week

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Flat Lägenhet Umeå

5 persons. 3 bedrooms
640 per week


Infos about the region Västerbotten

Västerbotten, in Sweden well known for its cheese, is a historical province in the north of Sweden, bordering to Norrbotten, Ångermanland, Lappland and the Baltic Sea.
The biggest city of this region is Umeå, also called "the city of the birch trees". Interesting sights of this city are the sculpture park "Umedalen" as well as the open-air museum "Gammlia" and the interesting red town council building.
Västerbotten is the home of an incredibly high amount of museums. Bicycle museum, cheese museum, power plant museum or mining museum: There is a museum for every interest!
But not only those interested in culture will be delighted by Västerbotten and its offers. Fans of nature will find excellent fishing spots, hiking tracks or relaxing opportunities in this landscape characterized by river valleys, canyons, forests and marsh lands. Well known examples are the waterfalls "Mårseleforsen" for their richness in salmons and graylings, or the hiking track "Vildmarksled" which on its 20 km of length leads you through breathtaking canyon landscapes. Those who rather would like to watch Västerbotten from the birds' view can use the longest cable car in Sweden, "Linbanan Norsjön", located in Västerbotten, between Boliden and Kristineberg.
Come and discover Västerbotten, the province of the cheese, the canyons and the museums!

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