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Infos about the region Medelpad

Medelpad is located in the central part of northern Sweden and adjacent to Härjedalen, Hälsingland, Jämtland and Ångermanland. Together with the recent it forms the county of Västernorrland. The name Medelpad believes to come from the ancient Swedish word Medhal, which meant "the middle" and Pad, which means "path" or "waterway".
The port city of Sundsvall forms the landscape's cultural center. Since the fire in 1888 the city is also known as the "Stone City". From the mountain Vättaberget you have a wonderful view of Indalsälven. The river is 430 km long and strongly developed for producing electricity. The river flows into the Jämtland mountains and into the Gulf of Bothnia about 20 km north of Sundsvall.
South of Sundsvall you'll find the historical center of Kvissle-Nolby-Prästbolet with its thirteen Viking tombs and medieval church ruin. East of the town of Ånge lies Borgsjö with an 18th century preserved rococo church.
But Medelpad is not only interesting for those of you who appreciate cultural history: At Bergeforsen, a few km north of Timrå there is a large hydroelectric plants. In connection is a museum (River House) well worth a visit. And not far away from there is one of Europe's largest salmon farming. It is open to the public during the summer.
If you want to spend your holidays in the north, but not too far up in the country and appreciate nature, characterized by pine forests and rivers, and want to avoid too many other tourists Medelpad could be an interesting option!

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