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Holiday Home Havet Tredenborg

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
530 - 665 per week

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Holiday Home Björkenäs 2

5 persons. 1 bedroom
465 - 530 per week

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Holiday Home Orranäs 2

5 persons. 2 bedrooms
335 per week

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Holiday Home Mikael

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
335 - 530 per week

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Holiday Home Blekinge skärgård

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
665 - 930 per week


Infos about the region Blekinge

Blekinge is very interesting for those who are fascinated by history: It had a very eventful past. Until 1658, Blekinge was a part of Denmark and was the place where many battles between Sweden and Denmark took place. Since the so called “Treaty of Roskilde”, Blekinge belongs to Sweden, together with Halland and Scania.
Blekinge, located in the South of Sweden at the Hanö Bay, is Sweden’s smallest historical Province on the land by size. Since it is rich in nature, its name “Garden of Sweden” was not given without a reason. The distance to Denmark or the Baltic states is shorter than the distance to Stockholm. But since it is Sweden’s smallest historical province on the land, the ways are never long within the province. Deep forests with lakes and rivers with rich fish sources are there as well as meadows and pastures. The wooded skerries and shimmering bathing bays are near, as well as the lively cities. The most well-known of them is Karlskrona, Sweden’s only baroque city, which has a marine port declared a UNESCO world heritage.
So, if you can’t choose between city and nature, or if you simply don’t want to, and if you don’t want to travel to far up north, then Blekinge is your right choice!

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