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Flat Lägenhet Näsby Park

3 persons. 1 bedroom
505 per week

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Guest room Gästrum Viksberg

2 persons. 1 bedroom
555 per week

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Holiday Home Holiday home on Koholmen

7 persons. 3 bedrooms
1015 per week

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Holiday Home Kolbotten

5 persons. 2 bedrooms
605 - 840 per week

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Holiday Home Villa Ingarö

9 persons. 3 bedrooms
1595 - 2395 per week

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Holiday Home Träbjälken 32

6 persons. 3 bedrooms
1000 per week

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Holiday Home Hus Nacka

7 persons. 4 bedrooms
2235 per week

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Holiday Home Villa Bergshyddan

10 persons. 5 bedrooms
3325 per week


Infos about the region Stockholm

Our beautiful capital city, also known as the "Venice of the North", is the country's and Scandinavia’s largest city. The inner city has about 850,000 inhabitants and the entire greater Stockholm area more than 2 million. It attracts visitors from all over the world, the number is around 1 million annually.
Stockholm is not a province but is located in Uppland as well as in Södermanland. Since the 17th century the border between Södermanland and Uppland is located in the middle of the water between the districts of Södermalm and the Old Town.
The city is built on water and consists of 14 islands, which are interconnected with bridges. These are located on islands where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea.
Stockholm has a 750-year history and offers a rich cultural life and a variety of attractions. You can get around by bus, subway or boat. But walking will actually also get you far!
If you want to experience a fantastic view over the city, we recommend a visit to the town hall, where you can climb up into its tower.
The heart of the city is the Old Town with its extremely well-preserved medieval town center. The Old Town is also where you will find the Royal Castle and the Cathedral.
On the green island of Djurgĺrden some of Stockholm's most popular attractions can be found. Visit the world famous warship Vasa, the world's oldest open air museum Skansen, or Astrid Lindgren's amusement park Junibacken as well as Gröna Lund's tivoli. Do not miss to see Stockholm from the water. And should 14 islands not be enough, visit the amazing archipelago with 30,000 islands, islets and reefs.
Welcome to Sweden's capital Stockholm!

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