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Holiday Home Lugnet

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
510 - 880 per week

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Holiday Home Brastad

5 persons. 4 bedrooms
1065 per week

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Holiday Home Hulu

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
340 - 505 per week

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Holiday Home Sommartorp Vedum

6 persons. 2 bedrooms
165 - 255 per week

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Holiday Home Ljurhalla

4 persons. 2 bedrooms
255 - 370 per week

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Flat Rum Älvbacken

5 persons.
400 - 465 per week


Infos about the region Västergötland

In western Sweden, we find Västergötland, which is not to be confused with the Västra Götaland Län (county), since their borders differ. Västergötland is home of the famous plains of Västergötland, which consist of several separate plains. This region is very fertile and located slightly north of the province's geographical center. The northern part of the province has relatively few lakes, but the lake Hornborgasjön famous for its famous “crane dance” (mating of the birds) can be found here.
If we have a look further south, we find numerous lakes including Mjörn, Anten, Ĺsunden,Lyngen and Fegen. Try your luck at fishing!
Not to be overlooked is that also Vänern is located here, Sweden's largest lake covering an area of 5648 sq. km and has a volume of 153 km3. It lies 44 meters above sea level and is Europe's third largest. Among the world's largest lakes it’s placed on the 29th place.
Västergötland is one of the oldest cultural areas. The city of Gothenburg is located partly in Västergötland, it borders to Bohuslän at Hisingen in Gothenburg. With its around 550,000 inhabitants its Sweden's second largest city and offers a variety of activities, including Liseberg amusement park.

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